SameSameButDifferent (SSBD/SSBD v.02) is an ongoing generative music project created and designed by Runar Magnusson and Thor Magnusson. Its basis is a computer program written in SuperCollider. The software has an interface that invites the listener to listen to a new composition each time or re-listen to an already played composition. The interface allows the user to store the name of the track (which gets converted into a random seed for the performance) or record the track as an audio file for playback in other systems.

The sound sources of SSBD v.02 are Icelandc field recordings (geysers, hot springs, rivers, springs, ocean, wind, fire, birds, foxes, sheep, snow, ice, glaciers, rocks, etc.) recorded over a long period of time. In choosing the recordings, Runar and Thor have deliberately excluded human noises. Their aim is to represent the natural soundscapes of the country in as many ways and combinations as possible, and for that purpose the generative music format is ideal. The recordings serve as raw locations, but in each performance of SSBD we get a unique fictional place, which could or could not possibly exist. The listener is situated in these locations with a binaural head that could or could not possibly exist, as zooming into particular sounds and their subtle processing can be disproportionate to other sound origins. Not only is the head dispersed in space, but the sound sources themselves change locations gradually, creating the illusion of a levitation and movement inside the soundscape.

The focus is on location, presence, temporality and the subjective dislocation in space that we have termed here "schizotopia"; namely, the fact that we are faced with infinite locations and infinite ways of virtually placing our ears within that space. We find this creative dislocation of time, place and ears interesting and ear-opening. It is as if the frames of the recordings converge into a multidimensional space where our physical laws do not exist. The experience becomes closer to the logic of dreams.