DJ Musician 'Sehr Gut Cocktail' (Whitelabel, 2009)
  First Edition- Releases in 100 Limited Copies  


  1. Techno Liebe
  2. Triumph Des Willens
  3. Sehr Gut Cocktail
  4. Rave Sehr Gut
  5. I Love Happy Hour
  6. Kristin Tanzt
  7. Vodka Meloni
  8. Siegersmusik
  9. Open Your Heart
  10. Sex On The Beach
  11. I Put My Hand Up In The Air (with Foxy Princess)

DJ Musician 'Klinsi' (Whitelabel, 2006)

1. Klinsi (Radio Edit)
2. Klinsi (Techno Club)
3. Klinsi (Disco Dance)

 DJ Musician 'My Friend is a Record Player' (Whitelabel)
 1. My Friend is a Record Player
 2. Tanz Mit Mir
 3. It Came From Outer Space
 4. Dekadent Disco Dance
 5. Funky Doctor Police
 6. Jolly Gut Techno
 7. Around and Around
 8. Concrete Tonite
 9. Crazy Tonite
 10. Acid Academy (Feat. Foxy Princess)
 11. Everybody on Dancefloor


  Evil Madness 'Demoni Paradiso' (12 Tónar, 2008)
 Members- BJNilsen, DJ Musician, Helgi Thorsson, Jóhann Jóhannsson,  Pétur  Eyvindsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

 1. La Casa Di Satana
 2. La Magica Vendetta Dell'inferno
 3. Dipendenza Da Viaggio Nel Tempo
 4. Alonso Galaxy
 5. Numeri Fortunati
 6. Demoni Paradiso
 7. The Importance Of Compassion And Loving Kindness
 8. Schizophrenic Sleepwalker
 9. Straniero Nella Mia Casa
 10. Un Tassista Mangia Cozze Al Mare
 11. Assassinio Sulla Luna
 12. Buona Fortuna Alla Fatica Dello Schiavo
 13. L'agonia Del Controllo Della Mente

  Evil Madness 'Demon Jukebox' (12 Tónar, 2006)
 Members- BJNilsen, DJ Musician, Helgi Thorsson,
 Jóhann Jóhannsson, Pétur Eyvindsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson                               
  1. Grotesque Insideness
  2. Understanding The Monster
  3. Tremendously Sick Horror Art Poetry (A Fete In Dismumblement)
  4. A Bizarre Conceptual Element
  5. So Successfully Evil
  6. The Pornography Of Hunger
  7. Confused Television Personality
  8. A Group Of Women Chanting Together (Prosthete Horn Formulae)
  9. The Noise Of Tank-Engines And Gongs Preamble To Camp Fukamok
  And The Std Gang Watcher Club
  10. A Sudden Moment Of Private Demonic Psychodrama
  11. Horrific And Dreamlike Violence Mixed With Unexpected Activity
  12. Inspired By Long Hours Of Continous Repetitive Deep Irritations And
   Uncontrollable Agony
  13. An Unfamiliar Plant (Wake To Find Hands Missing)  


Vindva Mei - Fungi To The Moon (Whitelabel 2004/05)
Members- Pétur Eyvindsson, Runar Magnusson

1. Yer Dub Ist Moi Sub
2. Disco Bay Fever
3. Fungi To The Moon
4. Clean Process Discussion
5. You're A Moist Doggy Now
6. Fungus Maximus
7. The Igloo Has Landed

  Vindva Mei - Germans Are People too (Alive & Kickin´)  (Whitelabel 2004/05)
 Members- Pétur Eyvindsson, Runar Magnusson

 1. Germans Are People too (Alive & Kickin´)

 Vindva Mei - On Fire (Fire Inc., 2000)
Members- Pétur Eyvindsson, Runar Magnusson

1. Sound Of A Miracle
2. Connect Your Terminals
3. Lick Your Metal Suck My Pedal
4. Bad Chemicals
5. Only Love Can Keep You Warm
6. Creamy Afternoon
7. From Space With Love