Photo by Pétur Eyvindsson

Hljóđaklettar is a boutique record label founded and curated by Runar Magnusson and Sabrina Joy Winogrond for the purposes of releasing rare, limited, and collectible music. Each release will have a run of no more than 300 units and will be meticulously hand packaged, numbered, and distributed. Hljóđaklettar will focus on electro acoustic, generative, drone, and disco.

Hljóđaklettar is an Icelandic word meaning ‘The Echo Rocks’ or ‘Whispering Cliffs’. The word refers to a group of crater plugs depicting basaltic columns in different positions creating various rock patterns. The loose material of those craters was washed away by flood waves originating from the big icecap Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Southern Iceland.